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Cobiolube drive
Practice makes perfect Cobiolube® Drive is an excellent example of Jarmat’s product development and service that is based on individual customer needs. Cobiolube® Drive has been developed for driver training in slippery conditions which take place on a closed training track. The...
Grupp: Smörjor
Cobiolube Agri Chain
Keep on rollin´ Cobiolube® Agri chain was developed in order to respond to the requests of the industry regarding the lack of ecological lubricant for the agricultural industry. Based on this demand and with the invaluable help of our local farmers, a new generation of ecofriendly...
Grupp: Bilsmörjningar
Cobiolube Sawmill
Moving wood Cobiolube® Sawmill is a lubricant that has been developed especially for conveyors that operate outdoors. Paying close attention to both the special needs of timber industry’s wood transporting equipment and exceptionally challenging Finnish weather conditions, Cobiolube®...
Grupp: Valssmörjor
Cobiolube Color
Marking inks for harvesters The highly advanced Cobiolube® Color marking inks are cost-effective and unique even on a global scale. For both the user and the environment, they are completely safe. Cobiolube Color® marking inks are suitable for all harvesters and working conditions,...
Grupp: Utrustning för skogsindustri
Cobiolube chain
The new dimension of lubricating efficiency The unique Cobiolube® Chain chain lubricant makes operating a harvester exceptionally economical, convenient and safe. The entire chain system can be lubricated by Cobiolube® Chain easily helping to extend the lifetime of guide bar, nose bearing...
Grupp: Motorolja


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