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Cobiolube Agri Chain
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Cobiolube Agri Chain


Cobiolube® Agri chain was developed in order to respond to the requests of the industry regarding the lack of ecological lubricant for the agricultural industry. Based on this demand and with the invaluable help of our local farmers, a new generation of ecofriendly Bio-lubricant was born for the agricultural market. Cobiolube® Agri Chain is a lubricant for the heavy chain, like the one found in the roundballer machines, and this specified product shows outstanding performance, reduces your maintenance needs and increases significantly the lifetime of your equipment. Cobiolube® Agri Chain is compatible with both automatic and manual lubrication systems. It does not collect dust or dry grass, thus not creating any risk of fire, and is totally respectful of living beings as well as nature.


Structure of the roller chain

The most important task is to act as a lubricant at the surface of the pin, between the bushings and the roller. The extra oil at the surface of the chain does not collect any dust.


› Environmental friendly and cost effective
› Lubricity properties outstanding even in the higher speeds of the chain
› Excellent anti-wear properties and corrosion resistance
› Lesser amounts consumed (compared to mineral oil)
› Non-sticky
› Keeping the machinery clean, decreasing need for maintenance
› No elongation of the chain


Information is up-to-date: 06.09.2017

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